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"Even for the Internet, it's pretty shocking."

06/09/2020: Finally put up one of the blog entries I was meaning to add last week. Uncertainty about the purpose of the site (and public presence of any kind online) is definitely becoming a problem. Now that I mention it, my conclusion about that would make another good entry. One of the main purposes of this place is to have my opinions that feel more important in some sort of formal form. By definition (the "important" part,) those avoid contemporary controversy, but aren't necessarily immune to it.
Guessed a handful more PMD2 credits, too. Pretty shocking how often I've been emotionally compatible with that stuff this far down the line, but I'm not complaining.

05/21/2020: Whenever I'm playing Tetris, I always remember when a commentator accidentally said "piecement places" and start laughing the shit out of my own dick off. I wonder what makes certain speech errors funnier than others. Someone should do a study on that.
It pisses me the fuck off how I'll never be as funny as certain people I know. Maybe it's because I can't do anything I don't expect.
On the one hand, something being disgusting shouldn't make it be considered wrong, but on the other hand, the disgust mechanism works based on the experience of harm both of the individual and the entire species. I guess lawmakers just need to not confuse cause and effect.
The positive reception a certain track of mine got led me to address a production problem I had been ignoring in a previous one. Also, an illustrator on Reddit who drew some stuff I liked recently posted a thread saying they'll draw literally any safe-for-work request. After closing it in a matter of hours, they matter-of-factly told me it'll take about 50 days to finish all of them. They had no hesitation at all, just a desire to practice and develop. It makes me wonder if there's actually value to artistic publicity. Thus far I've mainly had stuff public because of a combination of the reputation I used to have and it seeming natural.
The Internet thinks Doki Doki Literature Club is very emotional. You know what? I don't think it's that good. AT LEAST it's a visual novel. BFD. I'm a composer. AND I'M A CANDLEMAKER BUT YOU DON'T HEAR ME BRAGGING ABOUT IT! NO, ALL YOU DO IS YOU GET ME TO TRY TO WORK ON MY RICH FRIENDS! FOR AN INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY! MAN, I WOULD LOVE TO BURN YOUR CANDLES! YOU BURN IT. YOU BUY IT! OH GOOD. I'LL BE YOUR FIRST CUSTOMER! AND YOU'RE HARDLY MY FIRST! THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID! ...or he said. These are not olden times anymore.

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